Time & Attendance

Our unique solutions help organisations to better manage fundamental workflow processes such as Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling and Access Control.

The net result is reduced costs, increased productivity, better decision-making and improved employee satisfaction.
Through a strong capability in researching, developing and combining Time and Attendance software with hardware, we offer a total collaborative Time and Attendance solution that has fast seen us become one of the leading providers of Time and Attendance systems to all industries.

At Tripwire we believe that client care and support is key to providing good services and to this end we aim to deliver the Time and Attendance solution the client needs and wants every time.

We realise that every company operates differently and has different requirements when it comes to staff and working hours. We provide a range of Time and Attendance solutions to cater for each individual company requirements. From a small business with 5 or more people to a huge multinational with several thousand across distributed sites, we can provide a flexible and fully customisable Time and Attendance solution.