No matter what you’re looking to control access to, we can provide you with a quality affordable solution. We provide a range of Turnstile and Pedestrian Gates solutions to cater for each individual company requirements.

Our products are engineered to withstand the rigors of high volume applications and have been field tested in locations such as airports, commercial facilities, retail outlets, theatres, stadiums, hotels and all areas where pedestrian access control and crowd access control products are required.

As turnstile security systems continue to grow in merit, our commitment to a life long partnership with our customers never falters. In fact, it challenges us to improve our performance and reliability. Our dedication to unsurpassed customer service and products of the highest quality is what makes us different. Our turnstiles continue to exceed user expectations. The latest manufacturing techniques and materials are employed to continuously improve our performance. Our turnstiles are engineered to operate 24/7 and to withstand rugged applications.